Friday, July 9, 2010

Too hot to blog.

Jesus. This heat.

It is downright oppressive out there. Summer in the northeast sucks the energy out of me. The sun is blazing, the pollution is thick, and the humidity is saturating. Why even bother to move? I'm glad I've been on vacation during this heat wave. I couldn't imagine dragging myself to Midtown every day, sweating my face off at train platforms and bus stops.

Unfortunately, the heat has also sapped my inspiration to blog. Sorry about that. I promise I have stuff coming, including reviews of "The Killer Inside Me" and "The Road," a movie I had been looking forward to seeing but had put off for a while. I liked both a bit, although one more than the other. I'll get it up here soon.

Also, I have a Friday Rocks coming in just a few minutes. Here's hoping you're still out there!

Oh, and go fuck yourself, LeBron James. It takes a real asshole to celebrate the Heat with weather like this.

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