Monday, March 29, 2010

A proper introduction.

Well, I guess I should really start writing something now. I've been creeping around the notion of starting a blog for months now, if not years. And now, well ... I don't want to bore you with a protracted explanation. Here it is. I hope you follow along.

Politically, I'm quite liberal, although I favor a robust national defense, albeit one without so many imperial outposts. Also, I flavor my politics with a dash of libertarianism. Maybe a pinch. Libertarianism, in my mind, is the hormonal, solipsistic, misunderstood teenager of American political thought. It wants to be left alone to do whatever it wants, and it doesn't want to be told what to do. A little petulance is good in politics, though, which is why I don't mind a little libertarianism, particularly when it comes to drug legalization and gay marriage. I'm decidedly pro-regulation, pro-labor and pro-tax, especially for our highest earners, who have seen their tax rates decline and their wealth increase gradually over the past 30 or so years while the poor and the middle class have seen their wages and benefits stagnate. I believe we need a strong mixed economy, with a government designed to support basic human needs (infrastructure, education, public safety, health care) and a private sector that encourages growth and innovation, particularly for entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

As for religion, I don't believe in a god or the God, at least I've come to the conclusion that there isn't one, and I don't go to church, but I'm Catholic. "Huh?" you ask. "Exactly," I answer.

Religion and politics are NOT off-limits here. I expect -- nay, demand -- spirited debate about everything here. Just think of this place as a bar where you can debate religion and politics. And please, take that "bar" metaphor seriously. Go ahead and drink, my friends!

Oh yeah, I'm also a bit of a movie nerd. But more on that as we go along. For the time being, here's a taste of what I love:

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