Friday, May 14, 2010

A reminder for LeBron

Remember this, LeBron. 

Remember this when Chicago calls and offers you: 

- A max contract. Well, slightly less than what Cleveland can offer you. But Chicago, as a city, isn't under constant threat of being swallowed by a vortex of economic failure.

- An opportunity to play in cosmopolitan Chicago. You know who else moved to Chicago as he was about to enter his prime? That's right. President Obama. You want to be president one day, LeBron?

- A chance to play with a talented and young supporting cast, including fellow former No. 1 pick Derrick Rose, who could join you on several All-NBA First Teams and in the Hall of Fame one day.

- And, hopefully, a chance to play under a (somewhat) decent coach! (Please don't fuck this up, Bulls.)

Remember, LeBron: Cleveland sucks.

Okay, if that wasn't enough, here's another video for you, King.

Cleveland Tourism Video Part 2 - Watch more Funny Videos

"We see the sun almost three times a year ... "

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